Dr. Sporcle is Changing Your Dose

Dr. Sporcle will see you now

If you can’t resist our Daily Dose quizzes, prepare yourself for a whole new treat!

Introducing a new way to get your Sporcle fix: Quick Pick Quizzes.

Quick Picks recently became a subcategory on Sporcle, and they’ll soon be featured as Daily Dose quizzes. Alongside the usual Word Ladders and Missing Words, one of our favorite Quick Picks will be shown on the front page every day. When we make something front page material, we’re serious about it. The quizzes themselves, though? Not too serious.

Here are the criteria for a Quick Pick Quiz:

•Clickable quiz type
•Time limit of 1:30 mins or less
•20 answers or fewer
•A topic with wide appeal

The ideal Quick Pick should be playable by most people, even without deep knowledge of the subject. These are more about the crazy low time limit than about reasoning through answers.

With a new quiz on the front page every day, these quick quizzes are one the best ways to get yourself published on Sporcle. Check out a Random Quick Pick for some inspiration on your next quiz!

Disclaimer: Doctor Sporcle is not an M.D. and thus isn’t certified to write prescriptions. Any medical advice given here is probably unfounded in science and has a 90% chance of having been written by a narwhal named Sharpy.