New Badges: Missing Word-O-Rama, From the Vault, and Badges, According to the Onion

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2016)

Report: Mankind’s Knowledge Of TV Trivia Doubling Every Three Years

Missing Word-O-Rama Badge IconMissing Word-O-Rama: Movie titles, song lyrics, famous names… they all need you. They’re looking for their other half (or third or fourth,  as the case may be). You complete them. For this badge, play 200 missing word quizzes.

From the Vault: If you can’t bear the stampede scene in The Lion King, refer to forks as ‘dinglehoppers’, and have a strong opinion on the blue vs. pink dress issue, this is a shoo-in. Get 100% on Disney Animated Movies for this badge.

Badges, According to the Onion Badge IconBadges, According to the Onion: Crying over an onion is a physical reaction; crying over the Onion is a mental thing. Get over 50% on Everything, According to the Onion, Onion Story or Real Story?, and Follow That Onion Headline for this.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

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