New Badges: Bern Baby Bern, Badgevertising, and Mad Scientist

Nikola Tesla fell in love with a pigeon once, but that’s more Sad Scientist.

Bern Baby Bern Badge IconBern Baby Bern: Switzerland is known for peace, prosperity, and chocolate. No wonder they’re the happiest country in the world. Get 50% or more on The Switzerland Quiz, Cantons of Switzerland, and Swiss Borders to earn this badge.

Badgevertising Badge IconBadgevertising: Apply directly to the brain cells. Side effects may include: jingle humming, better game show scores, and food cravings. Play 25 quizzes with the Slogans tag to earn this badge.

Mad Scientist Badge IconMad Scientist: There’s plenty of scientific madness to go around – brain transplants, atomic power, radioactivity. Who knows what’s next? Super Science Bunker, Super Science Bunker II, and Super Science Bunker III.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.



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