How to Make a Marvelous Picture Click Quiz

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2018)

By now you’ve definitely noticed our latest quiz type popping up around the site. Picture Click quizzes are a hybrid between Map and Clickable quizzes. And they are awesome! This post is for anyone interested in creating a Picture Click quiz on Sporcle, but who isn’t sure how to get started.

Read through the instructions, contribute a quiz, and you’ll be a Picture Click master before you know it!


Getting Started

First things first, navigate to the Game Creation Center and click the orange ‘Create a New Game’ button. Then enter some basic information about the quiz you’re making.

Game Name:
Start by typing in the name of your quiz. (Don’t worry, you can change this later if you want.)

Similar Games:
If your quiz has already been made by another user, it will display in the ‘Similar Games’ box below.

Game Type:
For ‘Game Type,’ choose ‘Picture Click.’

After selecting your game type click the ‘Create Game’ button.

Once Your Draft is Created:


1. Upload an Image

Now that you’ve created the game, you’ll start off in the ‘Game Info’ tab. Like when making a Map quiz, you’ll notice there is a field for an Image URL near the top.

First, upload the image you’d like to use to a popular image hosting site like Flickr or Imgur, and paste the URL of the image into this field. Images must be smaller than 400kb in size, and cannot be more than 920 pixels wide.


2. Enter the Data

Before you can start drawing shapes on your image, you must enter all the answers you’d like to use in the data tab.

The data you enter into the ‘Hint’ column will be what you are being asked to click on. The data you enter into the ‘Answer’ column will be what displays when you click the shape on the image.

3. Draw your Shapes

Now that you’ve entered your data, go back to the ‘Game Info’ tab, and click the ‘Edit Map’ link above the Image URL.

On the ‘Edit Map’ page, you’ll see all the answers you entered on the data tab in a box to the left and your image in the middle. Simply drag your answer to a spot on the map, and that’s where it’ll show up when someone guesses it. (Note: All changes are automatically saved on this page.)

When an answer is selected, click the box with ‘Draw Shape Area’ written next to it. You can now begin drawing the shape for the selected answer by moving your cursor over the image and simply  clicking your way around the portion you want quiz players to choose. You’ll notice small, white boxes appear after each click. Once you have made your way entirely around the part of the image you want people to select, click the first white box you placed to enclose the shape. You also can click the ‘Close Shape’ button to do this automatically. The small white boxes can be moved around and adjusted as needed once the image is complete.3

If you are unsatisfied with the shape you drew, you can click the small trash can icon to delete it and start over. Once all shapes have been drawn you can test the game.

Additionally, you can show or hide the answer boxes using the Answers link. If you’d like to line up your answers perfectly on the same line use the Grid option as well as Grid Snap which aligns your answer boxes to the nearest grid row or column. You can toggle through shape visibility by using the Finished Shapes icon.

After that, your quiz is all ready to play, and all that’s left is tweaking a few options so your quiz can be played just how you want it.

If you’re interested in learning how to create other quiz types, be sure to read our other guides. We also have a set of quiz creation video tutorials on our Youtube page, including a Picture Click quiz walkthrough.

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