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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: Find the Countries of Asia

EzrianBashiraxOman, this quiz was pretty difficult, but Iraqed up a decent score anyways. It can be such Japan in the butt sometimes, though I will probably Taiwan or two more times until I get 100%. No matter what, win or Laos, the fun I have Israeli the only important thing, right?

2. From: Foreign-Citizen Population: Greenland

fnurtIt must be a pain to update this quiz every time someone has a baby.

3. From: Artists on the Christmas Album Coverz

RJMurphyThat awkward moment when you get a different answer right, having mistaken Barry Manilow for Rod Stewart…

4. From: Famous People Born in December

Exodiafinder687I came for the quiz, but I’m staying for the epic staring contest going on between Samuel L Jackson and Stalin.

5. From: European Capitals of the USA

performaxHmmm… Can’t decide whether to complain that this quiz is too US-centric or too Eurocentric!


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