Say Goodbye to Text Memorizer & Interpretive Quizzes

It’s fall cleaning time at Sporcle — and we’re bidding farewell to a couple of quiz types.


Text memorizer: This quiz type was from the early days of Sporcle. All published text memorizer quizzes now appear in classic quiz form.

Interpretative: This quiz type was an experiment. It was fun, and for a while Sporcle HQ was busy making and taking personality quizzes. But alas, it was not to be. If you want more of these types of quizzes, we recommend you check out OctoQuiz.

Note: If you created an Interpretative quiz, you will find the quiz in your quiz dashboard. All interpretative quizzes have been turned into classic quizzes and appear publicly as ‘admin removed’. But your data is still there.

Write to us at if you have questions.