New Badges: Rapid Fire, Sinister Cinema, and Hail to the Chief

Heeeere’s badges!

Rapid Fire: Sprints – now with 100% less running. To earn this badge, get warmed up and speed through these quizzes. Get 100% on 30 in 60:State Capitals, 30 in 60:Music Artists, 30 in 60:TV Characters, and 30 in 60:Classic Novels.

Sinister Cinema: Everyone’s entitled to one good scare, and with this badge you can get yours any time of year. Use your horror expertise and get 50% or better on Horror Movies Taglines, Horror Movie Posters, and Alfred Hitchcock Movies.

Hail to the Chief: If you’ve been to Mt. Rushmore, you’ve got at least 4 guesses ready to go for any of these quizzes. Play 100 US Presidents quizzes to get this badge.


As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.