New Badges: 3-2-1…Badge!, Cap’n Clickable, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badge

Navy men, Girl Scouts, and Sporclers all have one thing in common: Badges.

3-2-1...Badge!3-2-1…Badge!: In 3 minutes, you can microwave a bag of popcorn. That means you could have 25 bags of popcorn after you complete this one. To receive this badge, play 25 3 Minute Quizzes in one day.

Cap'n ClickableCap’n Clickable: Life on the Sporcle high seas can be a lot of work… but if you do well enough, you get a fancy hat! Have 5 clickable quizzes published to earn this badge.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden BadgeCrouching Tiger, Hidden Badge: China is number one at a lot of things – population, cabbage production, badminton. Be number one too by getting 50% or more on The China Quiz,  Provinces of China, and China’s Borders.


As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.