What’s the Teaser Quiz All About?

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)


Today we published a quiz called “Teaser.” This blog post is going to lightly spoil what’s going on in that quiz in terms of what the quiz is “teasing.”

No, we’re not teasing anyone’s hair, just teasing a big Sporcle event that is starting next week.

Back in February of 2013, there was the Sporcle Puzzle Hunt. This was the first puzzle hunt ever promoted by Sporcle, and the reward for completing the challenge was a badge. As of today, over 2,000 Sporclers have earned that badge. Due to the popularity of that event, Sporcle asked me to create another hunt for the site. However, this time the hunt has a theme (which you’ll learn all about on Monday). The theme was the brainchild of Minshkins.

Once again the hunt will have a variety of puzzles spanning a variety of topics and types of Sporcle quizzes; each subsequent quiz will be a bit more difficult than the previous one. So, starting on Monday, September 14th, there will be a new puzzle every weekday for two weeks. Then, the hunt will culminate on Tuesday, September 29th when the final 2 quizzes that make up the metapuzzle will be revealed, along with a ‘Shiny New Badge’ to be earned upon completing the hunt.

We all hope you’re excited and ready for this new challenge that will start soon!

SproutCM (Chris)

P.S.  There are also a number of smaller non-badge involved mini puzzle hunts I’ve made in the same vein if you want more practice before the upcoming hunt. The first two being my annual Holiday hunts I made for all my friends as gifts.

Reindeer Games

Holiday Movie Puzzle Hunt

Parks and Rec Hunt

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