New Badges: Badge of the Pharaohs, Classic Schmassic, and Bazinga!

We think these badges are… Zazzy.

EgyptBadgeBadge of the Pharaohs: We can sum up what we know about Egypt in 3 words: pyramid, Nile, and mummy. To earn this badge, get 50% on The Egypt Quiz, Governorates of Egypt, and Nile River Countries.

ClassicSchamssicClassic Schmassic: Time to get back to the classics. Get your fingers ready to type, you could have quite a few quizzes to play. Play 1,000 Classic quizzes and receive this badge.

Bazinga2Bazinga!: Holy crap on a cracker, there’s a badge for The Big Bang Theory. To get it, take a seat on the couch (as long as you’re not in Sheldon’s spot) and play 25 quizzes tagged The Big Bang Theory.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

[Note: There was an error when the Classic Schmassic badge was released. We are re-publishing it, and the new badge will award credit for past plays correctly. We apologize for the confusion or inconvenience.]