New Badges: 2 Minute Drill, Body Language, and Blueprint Boss

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2015)

Can you figure out the blueprints to earn these new badges?

e5dPi2INheJvRT8ZgMqUQMuFqOmLkALlRflwnVpMlvU2 Minute Drill: In 2 minutes, you can do lots of things: brush your teeth, check your horoscope, or even play a Sporcle quiz. To get this badge, play 15 2 minute quizzes in 1 day.

BodyLanguageBody Language: Everyone played ‘doctor’ when they were kids, now you can see how much you actually know about your body. Play 25 quizzes tagged anatomy to earn this badge.

6FDLCAHTjAgUXnkV0YquKpjNoFKdQEWF4PfSiAvc38kBlueprint Boss: We don’t know much about reading blueprints, good thing we’re not architects. Get 50% or more on The Sporcle Viewfinder, Tallest Building Cities (US), and 12 Silhouettes of Famous Buildings to receive this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.