Least Populous Countries A-Z: Europe: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)


We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Least Populous Countries A-Z: Europe by Sporcle User Mateo56.

What’s the Quiz About?

Here on Sporcle, we usually focus on the most populous countries, but this quiz does just the opposite. You’ll have to remember all those tiny countries in Europe to get everything right. It’s a minefield, so enter the answers you’re sure about before making guesses. There are a few letters that are the start of only one European country, so if you can remember the only ‘V’ country, you’ll be safe. Just remember to breathe as you type in the last few letters for each country.