Word Ladder Contest: June Boon

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)

Visual Word Ladder

Hello All!

It’s SproutCM, and it has been over 4 years since I blogged about word ladders at Sporcle. Since then, Sporcle has published over 1,500 word ladders on the site as part of the Daily Dose.

Why word ladders?

Word ladders must be published every day, so these quizzes are the ideal ‘gateway’ to start making quizzes at Sporcle and trying to get them published. I love word ladders because every one of them is different, they challenge your brain, and anyone can make them.

June Boon Contest

Last week I opened up a new Word Ladder contest on Sporcle University. The title of the Ladder Contest is called June Boon because all the ladders have to have two-word rhyming titles. (Note: The image at the top of the quiz is a ‘visual word ladder’ to connect JUNE to BOON for you.)

Already 32 different ladders have been submitted by 19 different users, five of whom have never made a word ladder before.

If you’re interested, visit the links below. You can contact me directly from there for help or if you have questions. There are still two weeks left until the contest ends at the end of June, so I expect many new ladders are still to come.

Contest Voting & Results

At the beginning of July, we’ll have a week of voting for people to pick their three favorite ladders. While being selected as a favorite is a ‘badge‘ honor, the real honor is we are going to work hard to get as many of these ladders published for new and old users alike. This is proud moment you can share with friends and family, or you can just be happy you’re working on your Published, Homepage Hero, Fun Supply or Crazy Ivan badges!

Extra Info

Also all of the information about the contest and entries can be found at Sporcle University (a Google group for people very interested in Sporcle things). So, if you’re interested in entering the contest, looking at the entries, or offering feedback to the ones that are there, all of that will be greatly appreciated.

Below are two links, one to the Sporcle University posting about the contest and another that is a list of all the entries so far in one easy place.

Sporcle U Contest Announcement and Thread
List of Word Ladder Entries