New Badges: Poetry Party, Shady Business, and The Vanquisher

Time to conquer a whole new group of badges!

PoetryParty_2Poetry Party: A raven may not be like a writing desk, but it sure is a party animal. Whether you like Shakespeare or Silverstein, you can join the fun and play 25 poem quizzes to get this badge.  

0eUlXhNBAmzAKZWZ_ajrt7xEoQKKtEjC5EjV0FZ0JckShady Business: You don’t need to wear shades to earn this badge, but it may help. Get 50% or more on Cartoon Silhouettes, Sports Logo Silhouettes, and Corporate Logo Silhouettes to earn this badge.

TheVanquisher_2The Vanquisher: We came, we saw, we vanquished. Time to defeat some games and if you get 100% on 100 quizzes that you’ve never played before for this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.