Artist by First #1 Hit: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)

Rolling Stones

We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Artist by First #1 Hit by Sporcle User mason88.

What’s the Quiz About?

These are the artists who made it big. It’s tough to hit #1 on the Billboard charts, especially if it’s your first time doing so. This quiz celebrates the songs that helped these artists make it to the top. You’re given a song title and the year it came out in, and you have to match it to the artist who made the song famous. With music ranging from Rap to Rock, you’re bound to like a few songs in this quiz. These songs are super catchy, so if you find yourself singing along, embrace it. Just don’t get distracted for too long, you have only three minutes to complete this quiz.

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