What is Whacking Day All About?

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2018)

What is Whacking Day
When Sporcle chooses which holidays to create badges for, we usually pick those that are either really well-known, or that just make us laugh. Falling into that latter category is Whacking Day, perhaps the most obscure holiday we’ve made a badge for thus far (and we have some obscure ones). What is Whacking Day?

What is Whacking Day?

Whacking Day is based on an early episode of The Simpsons, where the town celebrates May 10th by driving snakes to the center of town in order to whack them with sticks. In the episode, Bart and Lisa (rightfully!) decide that the holiday is barbaric. They instead attempt to lure the snakes to safety with the help of singer Barry White. In the end, everyone learns a valuable lesson about tolerance (probably).

The “Whacking Day” episode originally aired on April 29th, 1993. Since then, the holiday has been recognized primarily by diehard fans of The Simpsons, much like Festivus and Seinfeld.

Is Whacking Day Real?

Whacking Day is an entirely fictional holiday from The Simpsons. That said, there have been similar events throughout history that may have helped inspire the episode.

According to an article from The Journal News, records show that real life “Whacking Days” have occasionally taken place in Eastchester, New York since 1665, where rattlesnakes are rounded up and destroyed. Since 1958, a similar practice has occurred in Texas, with the annual Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup. These traditions are rooted in a fear of snakes, and have been criticized by many, especially with evidence to suggest that killing rattlesnakes does more harm to wildlife and the environment than good.   

Since 2009, citizens in North Queensland, Australia, have held an annual Toad Day Out, which was inspired by Whacking Day from The Simpsons. Cane Toads are rounded up and humanely destroyed. Unlike rattlesnakes, however, Cane Toads are an invasive, destructive, and non-native species in Australia.

How to Celebrate Whacking Day

Whacking snakes on Whacking Day could not be discouraged more. Instead, celebrate Whacking Day Sporcle-style by earning the Whacking Day badge.

Here at Sporcle, Simpsons quotes are a perfectly cromulent occurrence. Once we discovered that Whacking Day officially fell on May 10th, we absolutely had to create a badge for it. Skylar, our mysterious badge artist, created the artwork for the badge, and it instantly became one of our favorites. All you have do to earn it is play the Whacking Day Hymn, The Simpsons Minefield, and Venomous or Not? on May 10th. It’s that easy!

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