Letters Minefield: MLB Teams: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)


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This week’s quiz is Letters Minefield: MLB Teams by Sporcle User LTH

About the Quizmaker

This week’s featured quiz was made by LTH. He’s one of our most published users of all time, with 368 publishes to his name. He’s been on Sporcle since April 2009, and has played over 22,000 quizzes since then. He’s also earned 190 badges. Keep making great quizzes, LTH!

What’s the Quiz About?

This quiz has a simple enough concept. All you have to do is click the letters that start the nicknames for MLB teams. As baseball season is starting, you’ve probably been hearing these names everywhere. Don’t click too fast, though. Like the title says, this quiz is a minefield, so if you click a wrong letter, the quiz is over. However, should you get through the whole quiz, reward yourself with a hot dog and some peanuts.

Letters Minefield: MLB Teams was played 24,377 times while it was on the front page, and it got a rating of 4.5.

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