Top Comments of the Week (03/13)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Musicians by Lego

rockgolf: Only in Legoland can Iron Maiden look like New Kids on the Block with Aaron Carter sitting in.

2. From: Asia (Redux)

armadillokingI didn’t realize why United Arab Empire was wrong for about five minutes. That decoy was too good.

3. From: Asia (Redux)

Pander88uk“Don’t click any non-Asian real countries… they’re bound to use that trick”.. *clicks Australia*.

4. From: Images that End in ‘B’

WyattsTorchI spent at least two minutes trying to come up with the name for Marley’s hat.

5. From: Click the Batman Villain

Scout_Number_4They might not be real Batman villains, but you don’t want to be around if The Tinkler takes on The Space Heater.