10 Things We Learned From Sporcle This Week

10 Things We Learned

Sporcle teaches us tons of stuff every day. If you share our thirst for knowledge, check out these 10 cool facts.

1) Not all meat-eating animals are part of order Carnivora.  And not all members of Carnivora are strictly carnivores, either – some are extremely omnivorous, to the point that they’ll eat just about anything they can find.

galp2) Galileo Galilei died the same year Isaac Newton was born. Both men did incredible things for the field of astronomy.

3) A general in the U.S. Army was given the unfortunate nickname “Iron Butt”. Find out who it was by taking the Famous Military Leaders quiz.

4) Nine of the world’s busiest airports are in the United States. None are in South America. If you’re tired of tedious waits in crowded airports, you might want to move to Brazil.

Ivy_Hedera_Red_Brick_Wall_2892px5) Not all Ivy League schools are universities. Some are colleges! See how well you know higher education by taking the College or University? quiz.

6) “Forbidden fruit”, “salt of the earth”, and “my brother’s keeper” are all phrases taken from the Bible. Test your knowledge of Bible influenced idioms with the Common ‘Religious’ Phrases quiz.

027) The FDA officially recognizes 36 different spices (and herbs). Name them all here.

8) Greece is not the world’s leading producer of olive oil. Find out who it is by taking 8 Geography Questions to Prove Your Superiority. Then check out the rest of Octoquiz, Sporcle’s newest feature!

9) Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Doctor Who’s return to television. The show has been around since 1963, making it the oldest running ongoing science fiction show ever.

10)  At any moment, clouds cover about 60% of the earth’s surface. (Unless you live in Seattle – then it feels closer to 95%). We learned this while researching for one of this week’s #theresaquizforthat tweets. If you haven’t yet, head on over to the Sporcle Twitter feed for more daily facts! Don’t have Twitter? Check out our Instagram instead!