10 Things We Learned From Sporcle This Week

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)


Sporcle teaches us tons of stuff every day. If you share our thirst for knowledge, check out these 10 cool facts.

1) George Washington, Gandhi, and William Wallace share a common tie. Check out this quiz to find out what it is.

2) There’s more to the intestines than just “large” and “small”. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Digestion Progression Challenge. Just don’t have any food around while you’re at it – the human body is completely disgusting.

3) Chicago has the 11th longest running St. Patrick’s Day parade in the US. Dying its river green is what helps keep Chicago’s parade particularly memorable.

111027276_da4da191024) UCLA has won March Madness more than any other team. Their controversial win this week means they might add another win to that number. The March Madness Minefield lists all winners of the NCAA tournament; can you pick them all?

5) The octopus is a master of disguise. Try your hand at Is That An Octopus? on Octoquiz, Sporcle’s newest feature!

hi-res-5d10fe5c665782cdbef8ca50a7f9d663_crop_north6) Languages spoken in the US aren’t just limited to English and Spanish. There are some surprising runners-up in the list of commonly spoken languages in each state – can you name them all?

7) It’s possible to represent entire movies using two pictures. Check out the 2-Word Movie Pictogram quiz for proof, then start asking why they spend millions of dollars on these stories instead.

c2fb4633dffbd8f43d9b1f9c306a3eb38) Telling the difference between Muhammad Ali and Captain Kirk is surprisingly tricky. They’re both the greatest: one at boxing, and the other at hammy acting.

9) Hockey and soccer share a name for a similar penalty. Can you prove your sports smarts – and your college level knowledge – and name it?

10) Maine is closer to Africa than Florida is. Surprised? We were too when we learned this while researching for one of this week’s #theresaquizforthat tweets. If you haven’t yet, head on over to the Sporcle Twitter feed for more daily facts!



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