New Badges: Fun Supply, Badge-san, and Slideshow Schmideshow

When new badges are released, fun is never in short supply.

FunSupply_2Fun Supply: We know your type. You were the class clown, you’ve always got a good joke to tell, and we’re pretty sure you have at least one rubber chicken lying around your house. Prove your dedication to fun by having 10 games published in the Just for Fun category. If you do, you’ll get this shiny new badge.

BadgeSan_1Badge-san: Japan is one of the world’s leading technological powers, known also for its distinctive culture. Show your appreciation for this beautiful country by getting 50% or better on 20 Largest Japanese Cities, Prefectures of Japan, and The Japan Quiz.

SlideshowSchmideshow_1Slideshow Schmideshow: This is the next in our series of badges dedicated to each type of game. All you need to do to earn it is play 1000 slideshow games – it’s that simple! Just sit back, click play, and enjoy all the pictures.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.