Bar Trivia and You – A Primer on Sporcle Live

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)
Bar Trivia

Love Bar Trivia? It’s time to check out Sporcle Live.

Sporcle Live is our bread and butter bar trivia experience. But what is bar trivia?  Glad you asked.

Bar trivia (aka pub trivia) is a quiz night or a live, hosted trivia experience at a bar, brewery, restaurant, corporate event, fundraiser, barn, flash mob – you get the idea.

Our live game format was built from scratch in 2009 and has evolved to its current form after being played by hundreds of thousands of good people around the United States. The game itself is delivered by a live host. Our live hosts aren’t boring drones with microphones. They have charisma, pizzazz, personality. Oh and they smell good too.

We like to think of Sporcle Live bar trivia as an exciting social event and opportunity for people to get together throughout the week, kick back, catch up and shoot the breeze. Whether you’re a genius or not, you’ll find enjoyment from our live shows!

How it Works:

  • Your team registers to play with the host under a team name you creatively come up with. It’s free to participate, all we ask is that your team support the local bar or restaurant where the game takes place by ordering food and/or drinks while you play.
  • Play alone or with friends. There isn’t a minimum or maximum number of people that can play on a team.
  • We host two live trivia games in a night, each around an hour in length. This is awesome for teams because it gives them the opportunity to win multiple prizes each night they play!
  • Our partnered venues supply gift cards to the top teams of each game. Gift card amounts and prizes vary by location. Gift cards are a nice friend that help chip away at your weekly bar tab!


  • The regular round has ten questions. Teams are given the categories related to those questions at the start of the game. Categories are a variety of topics giving everyone a chance of knowing something throughout the evening.
  • Each team assigns a point value between 1 and 10 for each answer they provide. Teams can only use each point value once per game. Simply put, teams wager higher when they’re more confident and wager less when they’re less confident in their answer. We give each team the categories at the start of the game so they can strategically wager based on their strengths and weaknesses. Teams wager as the game moves along after each question is asked. Point wagers of 1-10 aren’t assigned all at once.
  • Questions are read via a microphone and in some cases when a venue is compatible a slide show projects the questions visually as well on a projector or tv. Teams are given 2-3 minutes per question to turn in an answer and wager to the Trivia Host. During this period our hosts will play music from a playlist or take music requests to keep an upbeat fun playing environment. Keep in mind use of a smart phone, tablet, or phoning a friend on google is punishable by public shaming and/or wedgies.

  • After the ten regular questions comes the Mystery Round. The Mystery Round consists of four questions, rapid fire style, all following the same theme. The Mystery Round in game 2 each evening is always a visual round.
  • Following the Mystery Round, the host will give all teams an update in standings along with their point totals. After revealing the standings, teams will be given the Final Category of the game. Teams will then be given 1-2 minutes to hand the host a wager of 0-20 points prior to the Final Question being read. After all wagers are in, the Trivia Host reads the Final Question. If a team answers correctly, their wager is added to their score. If their answer is incorrect, the wager is subtracted from their score. The top teams following this question are awarded prizes for the game and deemed the champions of the game!

Other Fun Stuff:

We also offer one of the most exciting trivia leagues around called the Pub Champions Trivia League. The league is free to join. Teams can sign-up in person with our hosts or sign-up online here. Once your team is signed up your team receives a league number. Each time your team plays our bar trivia, your team provides your league number to our host and they submit your scores for the evening. Your team’s scores are tallied on a League Scoreboard associated with the location you play at here . The league is a great way to establish friendly rivalries as well as win large cash prizes. Each season there are Sporcle Live Tournament Weeks that host local League Championships awarding a total of $25,000 in cash prizes and a league trophy!

Outside of hosting our live show at local pubs and restaurants, we entertain many events large and small, from corporations to private house parties, to fundraisers . Both our content as well as music played are often customized to the demographics for these events. We pride ourselves on putting on great trivia shows and making sure attendees of these events walk away having had an unforgettable time. You can always book us for a private event here!

We host Theme Nights for raving fans that have included past themes such as Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, 90’s music, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Friends and more! Theme Nights are a great opportunity to dress up like the characters and show off your knowledge. Tickets are sold on our website here and each show offers cash prizes to the winners!

We post plenty of nightly Pub Championship Trivia League recaps, partnered venue specials, general fun trivia content and more on our Facebook page and Twitter daily. We also have a weekly newsletter that goes out on Mondays. In the newsletter there is a weekly 3 point bonus quiz. If you provide the first answer to the corresponding quiz at the live show you attend that week, your team earns three bonus points. You can sign-up for our newsletter here.

And last but certainly not least if you own or operate a bar and are interested in knowing more about Sporcle Live and how it can positively impact your business, see our Pub Owners Page. Just as all bars and restaurants aren’t the same neither is Live Trivia. We truly pride ourselves on offering a quality service and greatly enjoy partnering with local bars and restaurants!

If all of this sounds like a great time to you, then please consider joining our team as a host! We’re always looking for engaging people that enjoy connecting with people and entertaining. Visit here to apply!