10 Most Populous Countries in Order: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)

Large crowd of people

We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is 10 Most Populous Countries in Order by Sporcle User jackmerlin

About the Quizmaker

10 Most Populous Countries in Order was jackmerlin’s second quiz to be published, though he’s contributed 30 more, mostly in the Geography category. He’s been on Sporcle since March 2011, and has played almost 4,000 quizzes since then. He’s also earned 17 badges. Thanks for making great quizzes, jackmerlin!

What’s the Quiz About?

Every Sporcler knows the countries with high populations, but can you name them in order? That’s what the featured quiz this week asks you to do. You’re given the 10 countries with the most people, and you must click them in order of most populated to least populated. This quiz also happens to be a minefield, so think before you click.

The quiz will start off fairly easy, most people know the first few, but once you get down to the end of the list, you’ll start second guessing yourself. How many people does Japan have? It’s definitely smaller than some of the other countries, but isn’t it super crowded? Wait, what about Nigeria? It’s this kind of thinking that’ll be the end of you. Go with your gut, with only 2 minutes to answer correctly, you don’t have much time to think this through.

10 Most Populous Countries in Order was played 129,003 times during its stay on the front page, and it ended up with a score of 3.9.