Top Comments of the Week (01/30)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: Passable General Knowledge Trivia

DixonMason: I once bought a girlfriend ruby earrings because her birthday was in July. Years later it would go on to help me with this Sporcle quiz.

2. From: Miss Universe 2014 National Costumes

boothedukeAs a Canadian, I’ll be over here, facepalming.

3. From: Cheesy Motivational Quotes

hustwitUnless life gives you lemons, water and sugar, your lemonade is going to be pretty bad.

4. From: Field of Dreams Messages

Sneuticles“Don’t make Waterworld.”

5. From: Miscellaneous Trios III

jefe_Freud’s Parts of the Psychic Apparatus? That’s easy, the Id, the Ed, and the SuperFacepalm.

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