Food Expressions: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)


We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Food Expressions by Sporcle User triviahappy.

About the Quizmaker

Food Expressions was made by triviahappy and it’s her 75th quiz to be published. She’s contributed over 200 more quizzes and has 172 out of 174 badges. She’s played over 30,000 games since she joined Sporcle in May 2009. Also, she’s our curator for the Begins and Ends and Catholicism subcategories.

What’s the Quiz About?

The English language has many strange expressions, especially when it comes to ones that are food-related. This quiz takes the _____ of the crop when it comes to food expressions. Each expression has the food missing and you have to enter the word that would make this expression whole. It’s in forced order, so you can’t just enter foods and hope one shows up. If you miss one, take it with a grain of _____, since expressions are largely regional. There’s no need to cry over spilled _____, just move on to the next one. Hopefully this quiz doesn’t make you too hungry!

Food Expressions was played 26,190 times while it was featured, and ended up with a rating of 4.4.

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