8 Things We Will Desperately Miss from SkyMall

SkyMall, everyone’s favorite way to shop while flying, filed for bankruptcy this morning. They cited competition with smart phones and the evolving relationship between flight and technology as factors.

We’ll be sad to see them go – how are we going to spend time waiting for takeoff now? To celebrate SkyMall and its impact on airline travel, we at Sporcle HQ put together a list of the eight things we’ll miss most about the quirky catalog.

B3ApJlyCUAAiDuD1) The Beard Hat

Beard lovers, unite! If your chin is always cold, or if lumberjacks are your thing, then this is the hat for you. You shouldn’t even need to worry about matching your hair and crocheted beard color, since you can hide your real hair under this cozy beanie.



HT_sky_mall_yeti_jtm_140428_16x9_6082) The Garden Yeti

It doesn’t matter if you live in the Great White North or the suburbs. This yeti will be happy to stalk your back yard or terrorize your neighbor’s dog for you no matter what the climate.



sumo-table-300x3003) The Sumo Table

Speaking of strange home and garden decorations, this table is terrifying. We’re not sure who would want to balance their house plants and reading lamps across the back of a table shaped like a person… although we’d love to meet them.



205673805dw4) The Compactible Foot Rest

This is for everyone who has to sit down a lot. Tired of not being able to put your feet up at your desk or on the bus? Simply bring along this convenient foldable piece of wood, and voila! Instant comfort! Although to be perfectly honest, we’d probably rather just buy all the extra airplane foot space featured in the picture.


203672747dw5) The Wand Remote Control

Yer a wizard, Harry! This remote control makes watching TV magical – instead of dealing with all those pesky buttons, you can simply change the channel with a wave of your wand. Movie night will never be the same.



203452921dw6) The Money Maze

This sounds like the perfect way to annoy any younger relatives you have. They’ll have to thank you for the gift, but they won’t be able to spend the money on anything until they’ve figured out how to solve the puzzle. Endless hours of entertainment for you, endless frustration for them.


205667318dw7) The Pushi Pushi Dog Raincoat

If your pet can’t stand the rain, or if it just wants to look like a colorful science fiction villain, then this is the thing for you. Puppies, rejoice!



205724190dw8) The Bouncy Ball for Adults

We want enough of these for everyone in the Sporcle HQ office.




From human slingshots to colorful LED showerheads, SkyMall has brought us the best and the worst of human invention, all in a convenient catalog tucked into the seat back pocket. We’ll miss you, SkyMall. So long, and thanks for all the laughs.