New Badges: Stir Friday, El Badgeriño, and Totally ’80s

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2016)

What do Friday, Spain, and the 1980s have in common? They’re all themes for this week’s badges!

StirFriday_1Stir Friday: Mmm, stir fry. If you want tasty goodness, you’ll need to throw a little bit of everything into a pan and cook it… or play at least one game from each category on a Friday. If you do the first, you’ll have a delicious meal. If you do the second, you’ll earn this badge.

ElBadgerino_1El Badgeriño: Whether it’s through art, language, dance, or food, Spanish culture has left its mark on the world. Show your appreciation for this country by getting 50% or better on Cities of Spain, The Spain Quiz, Regions of Spain, and Monarchs of Spain. By doing so, you’ll collect this badge.

Totally80s_6Totally ’80s: Whether you lived through the ’80s or just really like John Hughes movies, this is the badge for you. Grab your legwarmers and neon jacket, then get 50% or better on Faces on TIME (1980s), 1980s Blitz, and The Great 1980s Quiz to earn it.

As always, check the Sporcle badge page for the latest updates.




  1. So I’m updating my “Sporcle Badges” quiz (a regular Tuesday activity now) and I’ve got to wonder. How did you not name the El Badgerino badge the Spanish Inquisition?

  2. I did all three but the “El Badgeriño” one is still greyed out. I’ve completed all 4 requirements (and says I’ve completed 4/4 tasks), but still appears like I haven’t. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Hi, Blair – There were some backend changes going on that day, which interfered with badge earning for some users. You should now correctly have the badge! (It will list the earned date as the day you earned it, not today.)

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