Featured Game of the Week (12/3/2014)

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Continents by Population

by Norwegian_dude

Featured November 28, 2014


About the Quizmaker

Norwegian_dude made the featured quiz this week, Continents by Population. This is his 4th quiz to be published, and he’s contributed 64 more quizzes. He’s been on Sporcle since May 2011 and has played more than 2,000 games since then.

What’s the Quiz About?

Continents by Population asks you to list the continents in order by population. You are able to see the population of the country and the rank. Since there are no permanent residents of Antarctica, it wasn’t included, so you have 6 continents to choose from. There are only 6 answers, how hard could it be? There are a few things that make this quiz difficult: it’s in forced order, you can’t skip to the next answer, and it’s a minefield. The combination of these features made it difficult to get 100% on this quiz. You’ll get the first few, then mess up. Then you’ll think “Oh, I should’ve put South America, not North America!” And so it goes, you’ll play this quiz again and again until you get them all right.

Continents by Population was played 48,919 times during its stay on the front page and it ended up with a rating of 4.1. Great job, Norwegian_dude!