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evolution of species

Evolution of Species

by Buckler

Featured December 4, 2014



About the Quizmaker

Buckler made this week’s featured quiz, Evolution of Species, and it’s his 10th quiz to be published. He’s been on Sporcle since August 2011 and is a curator for the How I Met Your Mother, Minefield, and Logic subcategories. Since joining Sporcle in 2011, he’s played over 2600 games and has 48 badges.

What’s the Quiz About?

To get 100% on Evolution of Species, you must click the order in which different types of life forms evolved on Earth. You’re given how many years it’s been since the organism evolved, and it’s up to you to figure out what the order is. The life forms in question range from amphibians to land plants to multicellular life. With terms like this, which most people are familiar with, this quiz seems like it should be a lot easier than it is. It’s a minefield, so getting an answer wrong ends the game. Additionally, you cannot skip questions in this quiz, so even if you think you know a different answer, you can’t skip to another question. The first organism to evolve should be a given, so make sure you read all the choices before choosing one.

Evolution of Species was played 113,619(!) times while it was featured, and ended up with a rating of 3.5. Thanks for making a great quiz, Buckler.

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