7 Comments That Prove You’re a Sporcler

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

Sporclers say the darndest things…


7. “Sporclophobia – the fear of your brain freezing when the counter hits 10 seconds remaining.” – UnitedRoadRed

(From: Face Your Fears)

6. “Sporcle: My only source for knowing when a country changes their name.” – crazydiamond1to9

(From: Country Sorting Blitz)

5. “So I was racking my brain for the last minute and a half to find which one country I was missing, only to realize that it was… China. Yeah, that happened. That’s a clear cut case of Sporclitis.” – Jesuslovesya

(From: Asia by ANY 3 Letters)

4. “Chuck Norris’s quiz on Sporcle is currently getting a rating of 8.4 Globes.” – multigerinky

(From: Complete the Chuck Norris Joke)

kyrgz3. “Kyrgyzstan may only contain 0.0804638529% of the world’s population, but it occupies 100% of my heart.” – abard124

(From: Countries With 1% or More of the World’s Population)



2. “I must say that I never have let schooling get in the way of my Sporcle addiction.” – milc

(From: Famous ‘Sporcle’ Quotes)

1. “To hell with how many times it’s been re-tweeted, whatever that means. When your selfie turns into a Sporcle quiz within an hour after it’s taken, you have arrived.” – strags11

(From: Ellen’s 2014 Oscars Selfie)

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