New Badges: The Great One, Frequent Flyer, and Adroit Olympian

Fly high with these new badges – whether it’s with a slap shot, an itch to travel, or an ancient Greek god.

TheGreatOneThe Great One: Calling all hockey fans…this is the badge you’ve been asking for! Wayne Gretzky is the only professional hockey player in history to have scored 215 points in one season. You might never make it into the NHL, but you can show your love of the sport by playing 215 NHL games and earning this badge.

FrequentFlyer_1Frequent Flyer: Travel a lot? We have a badge for you! Demonstrate your airport savvy by earning this badge – all you’ll need to do is get 50% on JFK International Destinations, Nonstop from the US to Paris, Countries with the Most Airports, and Which Flight is Longer?.

Mythology_3Adroit Olympian: We like mythological stories that involve people getting turned into trees and Zeus throwing lightning bolts everywhere. If you’re like us and ancient myths and creation stories float your boat, then pick up this badge by playing 25 games in the Mythology subcategory.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.




  1. Usually we seem to get credit for the quizzes we’ve already done on the badges… is that not going to be the case with the NHL? I’m fairly certain I’ve done at least that many over the years, but it has me starting over at 0.

    • Yes, you will get credit! It takes time for progress to get awarded to all users. Write to us if your progress still isn’t showing up later today.

  2. Frequent Flyer – Why include a game that’s already 6 years out of date? ie JFK International Destinations there’s plenty of other great travel/flight quizzes out there

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