New Badges: Bite My Shiny Metal Badge, Breaking Badge, and Remote Controlled

Time to barricade yourself in with Netflix and snacks, because TV themed badges are here!

Futurama_1Bite My Shiny Metal Badge: Good news, everyone! You don’t have to deliver anything today! Instead, earn this badge by playing 25 Futurama games, thereby proving your worth as a Planetary Express employee.

BreakingBadge_3Breaking Badge: Pay tribute to Walter White and his schemes by getting 100% on Breaking Bad: Dead or Alive? and the Breaking Bad Criteria Quiz. We’d prefer it if you didn’t use your Sporcling knowledge to start a drug manufacturing business, though.

TV_Overdose_2Remote Controlled: You know those days when you turn on the Food Network just to see what’s on for the next five minutes, and then end up watching Iron Chef for the next three hours? This little badge is our version of that. Earn it by playing 25 games in Television in a single day.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.