Meet the Staff: Mark Adams

Mark being a Pacific Northwesterner
Mark being a Pacific Northwesterner

Name: Mark Adams (markadams543)

Position: VP of Operations – Live Trivia

Originally from: Canton, Michigan

Worked at Sporcle since: January 2013*

About: Mark describes himself as creative and never satisfied.

Interests: Mark is an avid baseball fan (read: Detroit Tigers fan) and likes to attend live concerts. His claim-to-fame is that he’s seen the Dave Matthews Band perform 70 times. (Read that sentence once more. Hard to believe, we know.) He recently moved to Seattle and enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Mark’s favorite Sporcle quiz is WWE Wrestlers by ’80s Action Figure. He says he doesn’t have a favorite movie, but he’ll see any movie with Tom Hanks in it.

Strange Fact:  In 3rd grade, Mark got to ride in the fire truck for the Westland, Michigan 4th of July parade. The occasion? He’d written the best essay on fire prevention.

Here at Sporcle:  Here at Sporcle, Mark oversees all areas of Sporcle Live. This includes managing the Sporcle Live team and hosts, as well as providing leadership in sales, marketing and staffing.

Favorite thing about working at Sporcle: Mark likes working at Sporcle because every day presents a new challenge. As he puts it, “When you’re working with 200+ bars and 100+ hosts, you never know what you’re going to get.” 

Special Message from Mark: “If you haven’t already, you should play Sporcle Live. It’s completely different than what you play on the website. It’s a great way to spend a night out with friends.” And he adds, “We need more good hosts…apply today!” (Quite the salesman, this Mark fellow.)

* The date that Great Lakes Trivia became Sporcle Live. Mark put on the first live trivia show of then-named Motor City Trivia on March 29, 2009.

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