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Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks

by BanjoZebra

Featured November 21, 2014


About the Quizmaker

Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks is BanjoZebra’s 105th published quiz, making him one of our top published quizmakers. He’s also made 269 contributed games. He has 40 badges and has been on Sporcle since September 2011. Keep making great quizzes, BanjoZebra!

What’s the Quiz About?

Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks is a classic quiz that asks if you know which Tom is which. You’re given a movie title and you have to enter whether Tom Cruise (C) or Tom Hanks (H) was in it. There are 26 movies, and each actor is in the quiz 13 times, so even if you have no idea, you have a 50/50 shot at getting it right. Don’t try to memorize the order or Toms, however. This quiz has random order enabled, so the movies will show up in a different order each time you take it. You have 2 minutes to get through the quiz. This is a This or That quiz, where we give you a limited number of choices to pick from. In this case, the choices are Hanks or Cruise.

Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks was played 26,392 times while it was on the front page and it has a rating of 3.9.