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Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us. Here’s the pick of the week!

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First 10 Countries with a McDonalds

by GeogTeacher

Featured November 6, 2014


About the Quizmaker

First 10 Countries with a McDonald’s is GeogTeacher’s 1st quiz to be published, but he’s contributed 11 other quizzes. He’s been a Sporcle user since October 2009; he was one of the first people to sign up. He’s played almost 2,000 games since then and has 33 badges. Thanks for being awesome, GeogTeacher.

What’s the Quiz About?

Can you figure out which countries had the first McDonald’s? If you can, then this quiz is for you. You’re given the year that the restaurant was first built in the country, and you have to give the country. The first country should be a given, in fact, 99.5% of users get this country right. (Hint: It’s the USA). The rest of the countries are less obvious. Some countries are far more surprising. You have 3 minutes to enter all 10 countries. This isn’t enough time to just list countries randomly. Try to be logical about which countries you’re trying. Put yourself into Ray Kroc’s mind. If you were trying to get your Big Macs in every corner of the world, where would you start?

First 10 Countries with a McDonalds was played 24,391 times while it was on the front page and it ended up with a rating of 4.3.

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