Top Comments of the Week (10/31)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: Complete the Chuck Norris Joke

mutigerinky: Chuck Norris’s quiz on Sporcle is currently getting a rating of 8.4 Globes.

2. From: Most Spoken Languages in the USA

Marsupial_NinjaFor some reason I though there’d be more Klingon speakers in the US…

3. From: Songs That Get Their Facts Wrong

AzazelloWhat about “I can’t get no satisfaction”? I call BS. That dude got so much satisfaction.

4. From: British Desserts

JAMO_PeddlesI’m sad to inform that being British doesn’t guarantee getting a full score on this quiz.

5. From: America’s Favorite Sandwich Fillings

richard_trkThe fact that this list doesn’t include salami makes me weep for humanity. WEEP.