New Badges: Remember Remember, Everything is Awesome, and Quick Draw

We want either Morgan Freeman or Hugo Weaving to narrate these badge options for us.

8bXuNgMqkUH8eHitRv-oGEXdKWqG6hezLN1wKsYqIF0Remember, Remember: Time to get out the Guy Fawkes masks and start the bonfires. To earn this badge, rebel against oppression and score 75% or better on the V for Vendetta Opening Monologue on November 5th.

LegoBadge_1Everything is Awesome: The easy part about getting this badge? Getting 50% or better on Lego Landmarks, Movies by Lego and Gaming with Legos. The hard part? Getting the “Everything is Awesome” song out of your head.

QuickDraw_3Quick Draw: You’ve got to be speedy if you’ve set your sights on this badge. Earn it by scoring 100% on Drawing a Blank 1, Drawing a Blank 2, and Drawing a Blank 3. Bull’s-eye!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.




  1. My results showed that I had completed all three Drawing a Blank quizzes at 100% a few years ago, do they have to be done again? Not sure why those results aren’t triggering it otherwise.

    • Hey, Joe – It took a while for past progress to be awarded on that badge. Let us know via Sporcle Feedback if you still need the progress awarded.

  2. You need to do a Thanksgiving badge, and some more Christmas badges too. So excited about weekly badges!!

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