Featured Game of the Week (10/29/2014)

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Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us. Here’s the pick of the week!

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Click a Kate

by trusting365

Featured October 23, 2014


About the Quizmaker

Click a Kate is trusting365’s 5th quiz to be published but she’s contributed 376 other quizzes. She’s been on Sporcle since November 2011 and has played almost 6,000 quizzes since then. She has 27 badges and has left 774 comments. Keep up the good work, trusting365.

What’s the Quiz About?

Click a Kate tests how well you know famous people named Kate (or Catherine, Katie, etc.). You are given a description of a Kate and you have to click their last name. First names are omitted since everyone in this quiz has the same (almost) name. There are 20 Kates in this quiz and you have 5 minutes to figure them all out. Kates mentioned vary from Katie Holmes to Catherine the Great.  No matter whether you know history, music, movies, or reality television, there’s a Kate in this quiz for you.

Click a Kate was played 32,591 times during its stay on the front page and finished with a rating of 4.1.

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