Featured Game of the Week (10/15/2014)

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real capitol

Tricky State Capital Click

by butterfly75

Featured October 13, 2014

About the Quizmaker

Butterfly75 made Tricky State Capital Click and it’s her first quiz to be published. She’s made three other quizzes. She’s been on Sporcle since March 2011 and has played just over 6,000 games. She has 93 badges. Great job, butterfly75.

What’s the Quiz About?

This quiz lives up to its name. It’s a tricky way to find out how well you know the US state capitals. This clickable quiz has decoys throughout, all of which will end the game if you click them. That’s right, this quiz is a minefield. Hidden among Little Rock, Atlanta, and Denver are Seattle, New Orleans, and Louisville. The time limit is something you have to think about as well, as you have only 2 minutes to find the correct capitals. This quiz is over a topic that most people learned in middle school, so you should know the right answers. It’s frustrating to get an answer wrong because you know you can do better. So you try again. How many times will it take you to get 100%? It took me 6 tries. Can you do better?

What did Users Think?

 Yeti_ commented “Good quiz butterfly75, make more of these!”

kenweaver said “Man, I knew my grandfather and parents excessively drilling me on state capitals in Kindergarten would eventually pay off. Got all in :58. Awesome quiz.”

And rddiid97 commented “Capitals in any variation……………always fun”

Tricky State Capital Click did very well during its stay on the front page. It was played 60,748 times and finished with a rating of 4.1.