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Band Names by Literal Images

by slipkid

Featured October 16, 2014


About the Quizmaker

Band Names by Literal Images was made by slipkid, who has been a user since June 2010. He’s made 819 quizzes and has had 202 quizzes published. He’s played 2,309 quizzes total and has 70 badges. He also is a curator for our Spanish subcategory and an editor for our Entertainment category.

What’s the Quiz About?

This slideshow quiz shows you images that literally describe a band name. Each slide has 2 pictures right next to one another. Each picture gives you a clue for part of the band name. Using the clues, you must figure out which band the slide is referring to. You have five minutes, which gives you enough time to think about each slide and try to solve the puzzle. As with many quizzes, especially slideshow quizzes, a good strategy is to do a preliminary run through, answering anything that seems obvious to you. Then you can make your way through the slideshow again, taking more time to actually think about what each band could be. Some of them are tricky, so if you get stuck, it might be helpful to move on and come back to it later.

What did Users Think?

naturalghost commented “More quizzes like this, please.”

ImperialTopaz made us laugh when he wrote “You know it’s early when you try typing “Herb Women” instead of Spice Girls…”

And megascarp commented “I enjoyed that. Looking forward to a sequel.”

Band Names by Literal Images had a fantastic day on the front page, getting played 26,641 times and ending up with a rating of 4.3.

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