Featured Game of the Week (10/1/2014)

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Over here in Sporcle-land, we’ve been writing a weekly blog post featuring a quiz published within the last 7 days that really wowed us. Here’s the pick of the week!



Dexter’s Morning Routine Minefield

by beforever

Featured September 24th, 2014


About the Quizmaker

The featured quiz this week was made by beforever, and he’s made a total of 676 games, 79 of which have been published. He’s been on Sporcle since March 2009 and he’s played almost 24,000 games. He has 114 badges and is a curator for our vocabulary and typing subcategories. He is also an editor for our geography category. You’re great, beforever, don’t ever change.

What’s the Quiz About?

You have 4 minutes to correctly choose all 15 parts of Dexter’s morning routine in the order that he completes them in at the start of each episode. If you’ve seen the whole series, then you’ve seen this intro sequence 96 times. So this quiz should be easy, right? You’ll quickly find out that your beloved title character’s morning routine is more complex than you anticipated. You start off well, getting the first couple of answers correct. Then you realize that this is the part of Dexter’s routine when you usually stop paying attention. Hopeful, you click coffee beans. BOOM! You should have clicked egg.

What did Users Think?

amandaplease said ‘I never realized just how awesome and intricate the opening sequence is until now. I mean I have always known it was brilliant but all the little stuff adding together.. gross, awesome, gross.’

MovieGuru expressed everyone’s frustration when he said ‘You’d think after 8 seasons, I’d be able to breeze through this. Nope.’

And Number1LostFan commented ‘Good quiz! It took me forever to figure out the order of his breakfast! After I got that, I flew through it.’

Dexter’s Morning Routine Minefield had a fantastic day on the front page, where it was played 28,000 times and ended up with a rating of 3.5.

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