Top Comments of the Week (09/26)

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1. From: Double M Words

BonnieH: Good grief! All these years I thought it was cumberbund!

2. From: Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XIX

corndogIt took me a while to determine the theme, but I finally got to the bottom of it.

3. From: State Capitals You Can’t Fly To

Q_PheevrAnd then there’s Juneau, which can’t be reached by road.

4. From: Seeing Triple Again

room227I guess booze, butts and guns isn’t what you were going for, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

5. From: Two Countries, Same 3-Letter Ending

FaintishGotta love Sporclitis. I get Grenada but not Canada, Bahrain but not Spain, Senegal but not Portugal.

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  1. For ‘Unlucky October’, the Badges page shows you how many total quizzes you’ve completed, but is there a way to see how many you’ve completed (and need to complete) IN EACH CATEGORY to earn the badge?

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