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Sporcle Speed-Picking

by BillyJoelRulez

Featured September 17th, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

This week’s featured game was created by BillyJoelRulez, and this is his second game published. He’s been on Sporcle since June 2010 and has played over 18,000 games. He’s earned 113 out of 115 badges (wow!) and has contributed 154 games. He’s the curator of our Mario and Console subcategories as well. Thanks for being amazing, BillyJoelRulez.

What’s the Quiz About?

With 50 questions and only two minutes to complete this quiz, you have only 2.4 seconds for each question. There are ten categories, each with five answers. For example, when the category European Countries comes up, you have to find the five countries hidden among answers like Missouri, Up, Rocky, and Lincoln. With other categories like U.S. States and Pixar Movies, this may seem like an easy task. But this is where you’ll run into trouble. If you let your guard down and forget about the time limit, you’ll run out of time faster than you can spell Kyrgyzstan.

Take a deep breath, stretch a little, and click play.

What Did Users Think?

brewersbadgers1 said ‘Took me three tries, that was an excellent quiz. I sure have a knack for finding four out of 5 every time…’

Rinaldo made us laugh when he commented ‘I’m just WAITING for someone to say that the time needs to be reduced on this one!’

And helix212 filled Rinaldo’s request when he wrote ‘First try with 4 seconds to spare. Way too much time. :)’

This quiz had a marvelous time on the homepage, where it was played over 36,000 times and came out of it all with a rating of 4.4.