Featured Game of the Week (9/4/2014)

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Can it Follow No?

by manonthemoon
Featured August 29th, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

Since 2010, manonthemoon has been an active Sporcle user. With dozens of publishes and even more contributed games, homepage success is nothing new to this seasoned Sporcler. In addition to quizmaking, manonthemoon also curates the Best Picture and Lyrics subcategories. Thanks for being awesome!

What’s the Quiz About?

‘Can it Follow No?’ is a quiz that draws you in from the title and game icon alone. With Grumpy Cat staring you down, you are asked to select sets of letters that can follow ‘no’ to make a 4-letter word.

It seems like it would be easy, but with a quick time limit of 1 minute, it’s actually more difficult than one might think. The results indicate this as well, showing that only 4.4% of quiz-takers are able to locate all 15 correct answers. But hey, we love the challenge!

What Did Users Think?

armadilloking started the comment section off right with this gem: ‘If I had any nous, I would have gotten 100% on this quiz’

fw1815 followed up with: ‘I couldn’t figure out the final word, but I won’t nock the quiz for that.’

And finally shoelessgirl commented: ‘Despite having lead an archery group for a number of years, do you think I could identify nock as a word?’

On August 29th, ‘Can it Follow No?’ was played nearly 32,000 times, and ended up with a 4.3 rating. It’s one of those quizzes where after 60 seconds and 15 clicks, you leave happy knowing you either kicked butt, or learned something to share with the grandkids.