New Badges: Gimme the Mic, Letter to the Editor, and Smitten by Britain

New badges? Bring em on!

FigureOutTheLyrics_1Gimme the Mic: We bet you’re the best at belting out ballads at karaoke. Classic rock? Bring it on. Strut your stuff and earn this badge by playing 25 total Figure Out the Lyrics games.

EditorPickInEachCategory_1Letter to the Editor: Head on over to the Quiz Lab and see what the editors have selected! Show your appreciation by playing an unpublished, Editor Picked game in each category, then pick up this badge!

UKpolitics_3Smitten by Britain: We know you love the United Kingdom just as much as we do. Play Monarchs of EnglandPrime Ministers of the UK and Countries of the British Empire to earn this badge. God save the Queen!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.