Meet the Staff: Rachel Nanning

rachelName: Rachel Nanning (nanners)

Position: Content Moderator & Customer Service Representative

Originally from: Round Top, Texas

Worked at Sporcle since: March 2011

About:  Rachel describes herself as independent, goofy and curious. She’s an avid reader with a love for history. She also loves music, trivia and traveling.

Interests: Rachel spends a lot of time curating Spotify playlists. She’s on a constant quest to find new music, particularly international. On Sporcle, she gravitates toward History games. Her favorite Sporcle quiz is Forty Famous Women, and pretty much any quiz about Russia.

Strange Fact: This fall,  Rachel will be living in Kyrgyzstan!  A linguistics and Russian major, Rachel is making the trip to complete her degree.  When plans to go to Russia fell through, Rachel was offered the option to go to Kyrgyzstan instead. Only a Sporcler could be this excited. Rumor is she’ll be learning how to build a yurt. She’ll also be blogging about her experience here on the Sporcle blog.

Here at Sporcle:  Rachel is the face of feedback at Sporcle. If you’ve ever written in using the Sporcle feedback form, there’s a good chance you emailed with Rachel. She also monitors our Twitter feed, reading your tweets and responding with wit and an occasional meme. And through it all she helps moderate quizzes and other content on the site.

Favorite thing about working at Sporcle: Rachel likes working at Sporcle because she can let her curiosity run wild. As she put it, ‘I’m constantly learning–but in a way that requires few exams.’ For a person who’s been a full-time student throughout her tenure at Sporcle, that’s saying something!

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