Featured Game of the Week (8/14/2014)

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20 Largest Fast Food Chains

by basketball100
Featured August 7th, 2014


About the Quiz Maker

In November of 2011, basketball100 created a Sporcle account, and made a handful of quizzes that hung out in the contributed section for the past few years. Then ’20 Largest Fast Food Chains’ surfaced, and basketball100 hit the homepage for the first time! We love publishing new users, and this was no exception.

What’s the Quiz About?

This classic quiz asks you to name the 20 largest ‘quick service’ restaurant chains based on their total number of locations. They are listed in order starting with the largest chain, and you are given the total number of locations for each restaurant.

Depending on where you live, different chains were more recognizable than others. Even the largest chains were interesting, because they didn’t necessarily appear in the order you might have predicted! Also some sneak-attack restaurants that don’t initially come to mind really made you go ‘duh!’ when the results appeared.

This quiz made you pull out your brain, lunch receipts, and those old pizza boxes from a few nights back.

What Did Users Think?

We think titan318 spoke for us all with this comment: ‘Wow, there are almost twice as many Subways as McDonald’s?!? Never would have guessed that.’

bacenator made us laugh with this one: ‘Pretty sad when you miss the one you had for lunch earlier. . .’

And finally, blakebg55 noted this, which made us think deeply about the range of fast food establishments: ‘I’m from Boston, and I find it very interesting that I have never even heard of a few of these fast food chains, and my friend from Arizona has never heard of some of the chains I am most familiar with. It puts everything into perspective and makes you realize that people from different regions see the world differently.’

On August 7th, ’20 Largest Fast Food Chains’ was played over 39,000 times, and ended up with a 3.9 rating. We know that people love their food, and this quiz sealed the deal. Fast food is here to stay!