Top Comments of the Week (08/01)

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

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1. From: Name Any…FAST!

campfiresongsong: On second thought, Bosnia and Herzegovina was not the greatest choice.

2. From: Countries With 1% or More of the World’s Population

abard124Kyrgyzstan may only contain 0.0804638529% of the world’s population, but it occupies 100% of my heart.

3. From: Green Logos

theBCIShouldn’t the Starbucks be on all the corners? They are around here…”

4. From: Geography Sorting Blitz

armadillokingNow people are looking at me weird for saying “Mountain, river, island, river” to myself for 3 minutes

5. From: US Presidents Slideshow

JPGunitThere’s Taylor, there’s Tyler, there’s Fillmore and there’s Hayes… There’s William Henry Harrison.. I died in thirty days!

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