Top Comments of the Week (07/25)

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

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1. From: Tiny Almost Useless Trivia IV

Woodchucker: Why is determined in quotes? That Owl’s research of Tootsie Pop consumption was highly scientific.

2. From: 30 Maps That’ll Help You Make Sense of the World

MTwhizWhat an incredibly fun and informative quiz! Hey, America may have unpaid maternity leave and a ridiculous measuring system, but at least we gave the world Sporcle. We can be proud of that.

3. From: Famous Family Trees III

dlauthorWish there were a metric to see how many people thought to themselves, “how am I supposed to to know Anne Hathaway’s husband? Is he famous? And when did she have all those kids?”

4. From: Famous Movie Characters

gwynn19I tried “El Duderino”, since I’m not into that whole brevity thing. Didn’t work.

5. From: Every Disney/Pixar Villain

buckeyebobThe secret villain of every Pooh movie is Owl. He’s pompous, he spreads misinformation, and in the end he steals Piglet’s home. He’s basically a feathery Mr. Potter.

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