New Badges: Minute Master, Spiritual Sporcler, and Border Bandit

Having a good July? So are we! Beat the heat with three new badges.

MinuteMasterMinute Master: You can do a lot in a minute. You can brush half your teeth, tie your shoes, watch ten Vines, or play a brief Sporcle quiz! To demonstrate your dedication to the minute, play 60 total 1 minute games and pick up this badge as a reward.

1000Religion2Spiritual Sporcler: Whatever happened to religions where everyone lived on top of a mountain and gave birth out of their head? We don’t know, but we think you’ll be able to answer some of life’s deeper questions after earning this badge by playing 1000 total games in Religion.

BorderBandit_1Border Bandit: Want to travel the world right now? You can from the comfort of your desktop. Earn this badge by getting 100% on African Border BashAmerican Border BashAsian Border Bash and European Border Bash.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.




  1. “This badge currently unavailable. ” Ah! I wondered why the badges were nicely balanced again, -the drawback of getting the Puzzle Hunter badge is having a gap at the end. 😉

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